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Our DJ's

Rick Davis WKTJ Big Hits 99.3Rick Davis, Mornings
Rick kick starts our mornings with information, news, sports and weather.   Morning Trivia is always a huge hit each morning at 8:15am, tune in and test your knowledge for a movie pass to the Narrow Gauge Cinemas!

1. Favorite Food: Spaghetti
2. Favorite Band: Aerosmith
3. Hometown: West Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA
4. Favorite Actor: Clint Eastwood
5. Thing I'd Most Likely Do if I Knew Aliens were Coming: Plan a nice Italian meal for them
6. Favorite Pastimes: Skiing and swimming
7. Pet Peeve: People who stay in the passing lane
8. How Many Times I Hit the Snooze Button: Zero, 4 AM and I'm Ready To Go!

Chris Keith WKTJ Big Hits 99.3Chris Keith, Afternoons
Chris keeps the afternoons moving with "This Day In Music History" at 3:30pm where we take a look back at notable events in music past, and "Celebrity Gossip"...your celebrity gossip minute!   He's also along for your ride home at the end of the work day!   If you need a DJ for your party or gathering, keep Chris (aka DJ Daddy) in mind!

1. Favorite Food: Sushi or Mexican
2. Favorite Movies: High Fidelity, Office Space
3. Favorite TV Shows: The Sopranos, Breaking Bad
4. Favorite Hobby: Fantasy Sports with friends
5. Favorite Athletes: Tom Brady, Larry Bird, Mookie Betts
6. Biggest passion: Music!
7. Pet Peeve: Incorrect use of the word "literally"
8. Number of States Visited: 37

The KTJ Hall of Fame

Steve Bull, DJ, Sales, Manager  1980-2009

Al Ibarguen, Former Owner, DJ, Sports 1973-?

Nelson Doak, Former Owner, DJ, Sales 1969-2005

Elden "Denny" Shute,  WKTJ founder

Claire Taylor, Administrative

Matt White, DJ 2009 - 2012

Joel Wellington, DJ & Programming  1988 - 2006

Muriel Powers, Office Manager  1964 and 1992-2006

Bob Thomas, DJ & Sales  1989-2006

Kathi Shrewsbury, Announcer  2001-2009

Virginia Sayward - Office Manager, Early 1960's

Bob Harriman, Galen Sayward, and Elmer Sayward
sit on scaffolding while covering a football game
at Hippach Field in the 1960's

Rick Barr

Leslie Lane Bull

Rob Bull

Hollis Smith & Jill Byers

Brian Cooley

James Danis

Peter Duboc

Brian “New Guy” Gilman

Bea Milewski

Scott Goings

Lucy Milewski

Russell P. Nutt

Mike Pike

Cherrieann Harrison

Heidi Woodbury

Cole Wilkins & Dick Booth

Walter Santner

Dick Eastman

Rich “Hoss” Seamon

Shawn Mahews

Larry Bisbee

Paul Mills

Frank Chiaravalloti

Dave Diamond

David Bernard

Gary (Roberts) Cormier

Mike (CJ Michaels) McKenna

Mike Potivin

Lisa Park Laflin

Kathy Bisbee

Tim Guiggey

Mike Persons

Pastor Clayton Fulton

Sue Waldron

Former WKTJ sportscaster and Sales Representative Linn Wells (center)
with Mort Lerner of the National Sportscasters and Sports Writers Association (left)
and Jim Murray of The Sporting News (right)

Al Ibarguen

WKTJ Ground Breaking, 1959

George Worthly's Dog Sled Team, Circa 1960

SANTA CLAUS, Tower Inspector, 1959

And so many others!
Shannon Atkinson
Sheila Atwood
John Anderson
Larry Annadale
Loren Armstrong
Ronald Richard Bonnevie
Robert Bragdon
John Cayford
Kristin Clemmer
Shawn Cloney
Stuart (Dave Rabbitt) Corson
Pete Currier
Buzz Davis
Tom Dean
Brent DeSanctis
Rick (Ken Cooper) DiMichael
Kem Dunham
Dot Flagg
Nightshade Wolfstone Francis
Dan Garrity
Scott Garrett
Bob Gilbert
Marc Glass
Christine Goldfrank
Harold Goodridge
Jill Gray
Steve Hammond
Elizabeth Hargreaves
Robert E. Harriman
Dan Harrison
Tracy Harty
Brandon Hobbs
Steve Hobbs
Darrell Huff
Allison Hutchins
Al Hyer
Dave Hyer
Bruce Ibarguen
Keith Ibarguen
Nancy Ibarguen
Lynn Kemp
Brooke Kilpatrick
Mike (Dave Michaels) Lange
George Lewis
Kathryn McDonald
Chris McDivit
Tony A. Mantor
Dan (Jeff Daniels) Masakowski
Dorian Melkonian
Mary Miller
Nikki Lee Miller
D.J. "Denny" Morin
Nancy Morgan
Anne Mullin
Kevin Mullin
Wayne Nadeau
Andy Orcutt
David (Diamond) Page
Laura Patock
Tim Piekart
Shana Petersen
Brian (Jeff) Plummer
Mike Potivin
Nate Russell
Richard Shorey
Jacob Shrewsbury
Gary Shute
Brian Sinksie
Don Smith
Bana Southworth
Jim Sweet
Don Waterhouse
Robert Webster
Linn Wells
Erika White
Luke Wignall
Chandler Woodcock
Greg (Allen) Zemlansky

If you are a WKTJ alumnus or have a photo of a former employee
who's not listed here, please contact us
 so we can include it in this Hall of Fame!